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Company Profile
PROSUN-SOLAR is a Chiness - Spanish organisation, located in Ningbo and Barcelona, with a high compromise with renevable and saving energy. The components used in our products are acquired to certified factories and for these ones not existing in the market and necessary for the preparation of the exclusive products ofered by us are designed and produced by ourselves. What can you buy? A complete variety of solar lights and solar KITS, average power (between 5Wh and 1000Wh) for lighting and energy saving applications, targeted to supliers and end users both individuals and organizations who want to use natural resources as alternative to electricity from the network, thus reducing the electricity bill. You can acquire ALL necessary to install the KIT and start using: solar cells, charge regulators, batteries, inverters, LED lights, and all type of gadgets that will allow the KITS to be used in an effective way.

All components are of excellent quality and manufacturers have been selected and meet European standards....

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