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Electrodeless lamp, LED lamp is recognized as the direction for future energy-saving light

From the appearance, electrodeless lamps or grow lamps, or bulbs, and general lighting and there is not much difference. A presenter the scene began a "test": he will be a 30-watt lamp and a 100-Watt energy-saving lamps also lit. Electrodeless lamp sends pure bright but not blinding white light, its intensity was more than energy saving lamp.

And ordinary light is different, lamp has no electrodes. Known as the incandescent lamps used in the tungsten's melting point as high as 3,000 degrees. When the current through the wire, and generates heat, spiral filament continuously gather heat, the temperature reached more than 2000 ℃, the filament emits light. Incandescent heat not all turned into light energy, some lost in the air, which makes the incandescent power consumption has been high.

Energy-saving lamp light principle is different from incandescent bulbs. The scientific name of this lamp is called "compact fluorescent lamp". Power, current excitation light bulb releases of mercury atoms are not visible to the human eye in the ultraviolet, the UV bulb on wall painting of phosphor into visible light. This way you can put more energy into light, so as to achieve the purpose of saving. However, incandescent lamps, energy-saving lamp current is relying on the voltage across the electrodes.