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Factors that influence the life of the LED floodlight and regulation of supply current

1.LED floodlight is electrostatically sensitive components, if the repair LED floodlight without antistatic measures, Led will burn, resulting in waste. Of course, the life of the LED floodlight is not guaranteed.

2.LED flood lamp wires or toughness of flexible circuit board is bad it will cause the LED floodlight fracture when bent, will also affect the life of LED lights.

3. the factor of the power supply, LED flood light is to use a constant voltage power supply (DC metal halide lamp power) power supply if the power output is not stable, or there is no surge protection, voltage fluctuation of unstable output voltage and current, led LED light bar work in non-standard voltages, can also affect its service life.

4. because of the LED floodlight is a constant element, so different manufacturers LED flood light constant current is not the same, of course, life is so different.