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LED energy-saving new engine broke out in the market

With the highway construction in our country from the Eastern Plains to the Western mountains, and is widely used in the construction of the tunnel, but the traditional tunnel lighting means a great deal of energy, using new technology, new products to reduce lighting energy consumption trends. To this end, the Ministry of transport in Yunnan, Hebei, Guangxi and other highway to promote LED lighting system, realized the car lights, car lights, achieved significant energy saving effects.

Yunnan big insurance Highway Ma Daozi tunnel Qian, a car car is drove into tunnel, in away from tunnel entrance 200 meters at, vehicles detection device sensitive to detection to the car, tunnel within of PLC control system immediately opened lighting loop, tunnel within of LED (semiconductor glow diode) energy-saving lamp bright has up, vehicles smooth into and drove out tunnel, another tunnel mouth detection to vehicles left Hou, found tunnel within temporarily no vehicles, control system close has lighting, avoid has not necessary of energy consumption. Experts said that good energy-saving LED tunnel lighting effects, benefits from semiconductor light emitting diode on the one hand its high luminous efficiency, low power consumption characteristics, on the brightness of the LED lamps can be adjusted, you can adjust the brightness of lights in the tunnel to meet the lighting needs of the driver, which led tunnel lighting control technology, energy-saving effect.