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LED floodlight is the use of lighting principles

LED flood light is from a particular point shining objects evenly in all directions, using the analogy of its light bulbs and candles the best however. LED flood lights can be placed in any local scene. For example, can be placed in the camera programmes, or objects inside. Cosco interval using many different colors of the LED floodlight is very extensive. These metal halide lamp LED floodlights Dim projection and can be mixed in the model. LED floodlights shine program is relatively large, so LED floodlight is shining a very simple conjecture, and the lights and the many adjuvant use, for example, the LED floodlight is placed in proximity to an object the appearance of azimuth, the object looks brighter light on.

Little current, LED flood light temperature rise is not obvious. If the ambient temperature is higher, LED floodlight main wavelength will redshift and brightness will be reduced, poor light uniformity and consistency. Dot matrix, large display temperature LED flood light reliability, stability is more obvious. So the thermal solution is crucial.