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LED lighting industry will this year highlight

LED backlight prices stabilized through new products, new technology import to create business opportunities; LED lighting into the new round of gold. Corporate optimism LED industry will this year highlight.

Light emitting diode (LED) at present, the main two areas of application are backlit and lighting, market concerns backlight market, while demand continues to maintain a downward trend this year, but is expected to take up new technologies and new product introduction, out of profits slip of fate, to master new technologies and market vendors at least steady base.

Photoelectric Association into will (PIDA) senior industry analyst said, estimates this year backlight shipping star number will more last year reduced, backlight star number continued maintained fell trend; but industry after competition Hou, many manufacturers has gradually exit market, currently can stand backlight market of industry who, will benefit market big who constant trend, and production scale economic, expected this year products average price fell trend will check stability, conducive to manufacturers this year profit push rose, expected this year backlight related Taiwan factory will out profit go sliding fate.