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Level LED lighting products in China led the world

From architectural lighting in terms of size, our nation is at the forefront, of course, has done well also did poorly. The other hand, compared to domestic lighting was poor in the city's point is that poor building maintenance. For example, a lamp we all feel that it did a good job, but after some time lack of arms and legs. Just as we have built a very good road, may be larger than Europe and the roads are wide, but the road is very dirty, it still gives us a bad impression is not really the quality problems of the road, but the road's poor health. So, no matter what, not only building and maintenance is also important.

Each country or region lighting design, modeling the characteristics of each place. European light fixtures and lamps in China have different characteristics, however, the evaluation of a lamp to full assessment. From lamps and light sources, control and structure as a whole, Europe's lamp is generally worse than we do. If, looking at the shape alone, possibly because we used to see the domestic lamp shape, when you see some of the new styles of lamps, there will be a novelty, but this does not mean that it is a new product that may be inadequate design of the light source, its control system is not perfect, and so on.