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How To Effectively Use Solar Light

First of all, killing predators affect the ecological balance; when pest forecasting using the lamp, also predicted the local dominant species of natural enemies of the occurrence and amount, effectively guide the peasants to light lamps and medication, minimizing destruction of natural enemies. Light trapping and killing insect pests at the same time, also has strong anti-ability for predators, and recommendations in the area of natural ecological conditions should not use insecticidal lamps, in suitable areas should be well in advance for monitoring should be in optimum control period of use. Study of insecticidal lamps in the future should be to protect the normal food chain, a stable environment as a research priority. Insect behavior techniques, pest in some regions have the option of trapping, should pay attention to scientific light, reducing damage to the enemy.

Secondly, the only medicine to cure AIDS; phototaxis of insects is different, some insect no phototaxis phototaxis or only a single wavelength of light. Therefore, when using lamp monitoring or trapping and killing insect pests, depending on the specific combination of sex pheromone, sweet and sour liquid, yellow sticky traps and other physical control methods in order to obtain better results. Effective chemical control of luring just added that production costs can be reduced, delaying pest resistance. Frequency-vibrancy moth-killing lamp to reduce the density of rice pests, reduce the number of pesticide application, but cannot completely substitute for pesticides to control, must be combined with the pesticide, biological, agronomic and other measures.