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LED Three Major Market Segment Has Great Potential

Applications are not limited to General lighting LED light source. In agricultural field, LED light can application Yu vegetables production, after special LED lamps head as, quality and production greatly improve; in car field, car with LED lamp energy low, and reliability high, and life long, and environmental, in weather bad and night Shi are can improve security, is LED lighting market of new blue sea; medical aspects, from outdoor to indoor, from special to General, LED in medical lighting in the site constantly expanded......
Agriculture lighting: "plant factory" agriculture will bring innovations
With the development of modern agriculture, agricultural demand for lighting and energy consumption continues to grow, and of traditional agricultural lighting technology also presents new challenges. LED, as a new light source, in addition to environmental protection and energy saving features than traditional artificial light sources such as fluorescent lamps or high pressure sodium lamps commonly used in the field of agriculture, with light weight, light quality can be adjusted with adjustable, low load and allows to improve cultivation in unit area and so on, for closed-loop control of agricultural production environment, such as plant tissue culture lab is a very appropriate artificial light.

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