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Outdoor Solar Garden Light Battery Installation Method

Outdoor solar courtyard lamp panel is best installed in the ground, because this is more convenient. Most of the solar garden light manufacturers are installed solar solar panels such as solar panels, the following talk about outdoor Solar Garden Light battery installation method.

1. Install the Solar Garden Light and light source to gently, to ensure that through the mask clean, no scratches.

2. Do not touch the solar garden light at the same time the battery components and batteries are positive and negative, to prevent electric shock.

3. When installing the Solar Garden Light battery pack, you must add the board.

4. Do not touch the battery terminals and safety valves when moving the solar garden light. Do not short-circuit or roll the battery.

5. Outdoor Solar Garden Light battery lamp head, lamp arm, on the pole components, solar modules and other bolts connected to a solid connection, no loosening.

6. Outdoor solar garden light pole polished hole with poles supporting the sealing device or silicone seal, and pay attention to the beautiful.

In short, the outdoor solar garden light for our lives are closely related, it is directly related to the image of people's lives, so we must buy high-quality solar garden light.

Solar garden light for most people familiar with the common, at different times, different locations, the same piece of solar cell output power is different, not to some people imagine that, as long as the sun will fights the rated output Power, set the artificial solar cell in the light next page can be used normally.

Solar garden light are mainly relying on solar panels to absorb the sun shine to get heat, and the heat will be converted into kinetic energy stored in the battery to take care of themselves. Especially as in the northeastern region of China, how much snow the snow in winter, once the solar panels are covered with thick snowflakes will obstruct the battery packs to absorb the shines so that the solar lights do not have the remaining heat into kinetic energy for the lights to illuminate.