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Share The System Maintenance Of Solar Path Light

The use and maintenance of Solar Path Light directly affect its service life, affecting the operating costs of Solar Path Light, and affect efficiency. Doing the maintenance of Solar Path Light is the best way to keep the system running well. Here to introduce the Solar Path Light system maintenance:

1, encountered winds, heavy rain, hail, heavy snow, etc., should take measures to protect the solar cell array, so as not to damage.

2, the solar cell square surface to keep clean, if dust or other dirt, should first rinse with water, and then clean the gauze to dry the water gently,

3, do not use hard objects or corrosive solvents rinse, wipe. In general, there is no need for surface cleaning of the solar cell module, but periodic inspection and maintenance of the exposed wiring contacts.

4, for Solar Path Light with the battery matching, should be strictly in accordance with the use of battery maintenance methods.

5, regularly check the electrical system wiring, so as to avoid loose wiring.

6, regularly check the grounding resistance of Solar Path Light.