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Solar Energy Street Lamp Industry Outlook

First, the overall environment is good, the State continues to encourage support for new energy industry, investment is growing. With the deterioration of the environment, severe haze, so solar Street lamp industry's prospects are very promising.

Secondly, as Mr XI the increase and deepening of the anti-corruption efforts, anti-corruption design industries and Government departments more levels deeper and deeper, so in the fairness of the bid will become more and more prominent, this requires that project developers and manufacturers to be in accordance with government procedures and tendering, can no longer send money gift projects. In General, tend to be fair, you need to live with true flair-do.

Thirdly, national 2015 recently enacted government bidding law, strengthening supervision in bidding, so now it's lamp trade must be strictly in accordance with the tender bidding process, improve the quality of the project.