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Solar Garden Light Can Effectively Save The Existing Resources

Solar garden light for a century-old history of the well-known brands, Chinese enterprises in the accumulation of technology, brand influence are all a large gap. But after decades of rapid development, Chinese enterprises in the basic technology research and development, product design, marketing has also accumulated a certain amount of experience. In this exhibition we see solar energy to bring us new resources, so that we can effectively save the existing resources.

At the same time Solar Path Light also brought us a bright era, so that we have saved a lot of electricity, reducing the carbon dioxide emissions, recognizing the importance and necessity of environmental protection, the current global warming is the world's attention, Solar Path Light Promotion can effectively reduce carbon dioxide emissions, so Solar Path Light will be the future direction of development of street lamps.

Different grades of quality street lamp lamp prices will be a lot of difference. The general is the ordinary energy-saving lamps, but there are many solar lights and LED lights and sodium, but buy a poor, light failure serious, not long after the dark, so do not light the solar street lamp at the time cheap, its performance Can also be set no good price solar street lamp head good. The price of the last six months seems to be relatively low, to choose from more, the quality of our company's solar panels are guaranteed, this can be assured.

Solar Path Light do not need to do lightning protection. To say that the Solar Path Light of the mine, I feel the most important is the poles to ground, Solar Path Light controller are generally built TVS lightning protection, do not use light or battery board to do flash device. Grounding practices, the general basis of the reinforced steel cage in the -0.50m below its steel surface area greater than 0.37m2, can be used as lightning protection grounding.

If you do not meet this requirement, then it is necessary to increase the artificial grounding, you can use three 2.5 angle steel or copper buried in the ground, the depth is greater than 0.7m, and then locked to the poles to ensure the effective connection of angle and poles , The pole base must be reliably connected to the ground network.