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Solar Garden Light Environmental Protection And Energy Use Widely

Solar garden light according to the types of electrolytes include: alkaline batteries, electrolytes mainly potassium hydroxide aqueous solution-based batteries, such as: alkaline zinc-manganese batteries (commonly known as alkaline manganese batteries or alkaline batteries), nickel-cadmium batteries, nickel-nickel Batteries, etc .; acid batteries, mainly to sulfuric acid aqueous solution for the media, such as lead-acid batteries; neutral batteries to salt solution for the medium, such as zinc and manganese batteries (some consumers also known as acid batteries), seawater activation batteries; Organic electrolyte batteries, mainly in the organic solution for the medium of the battery, such as lithium batteries, lithium-ion battery to be.

In addition, there are complicated operating procedures in the commercial lighting project. First, we should lay out the cable. Here we should carry out the excavation of the cable trench, lay the dark tube, pipe threading, backfilling and other large foundation projects. And then a long installation and commissioning, such as any one line problems, will have a large area of rework. And terrain and line requirements are complex, labor and ancillary materials are costly. Solar lighting installation is simple: solar lighting installation, do not lay a complex line, just do a cement base, and then fixed with stainless steel screws can be.

Solar Garden Light to solar energy for the day, the use of solar panels to the battery during the day to recharge the battery to the courtyard light source power supply, without complicated and expensive pipeline laying, can adjust the layout of the lamp, safe and energy-saving pollution, / Off process using intelligent control, light control automatic switch, no manual operation, stable and reliable, save electricity, maintenance-free.

No need to lay the underground cable, no need to pay lighting electricity, mainly for urban roads, community square, industrial park, tourist attractions, parks and other places of green lighting. Lens shape colorful, colorful, chic and elegant, you can put the courtyard, parks, playground and other picturesque dress.

Lighting time lasting, high brightness, high-power solar cell components as a lighting power generation system, lighting more durable, higher brightness. Long life, safe solar garden light of the battery using buried, the battery has a unique waterproof structure, significantly improve the life of solar garden light.