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Solar Garden Light Produce Different Landscaping Effect

China's urban construction in recent years, the pace can be described as faster and faster, and the city's lighting work is doing better and better. Stylish and beautiful solar garden lights have long replaced the previous ordinary lamps, especially in some high-end residential and civic square has become a beautiful landscape. But the vast majority of people do not seem to know how the difference between residential solar garden lights and public square solar garden lights is the difference between the following look at the difference between the two.

The first is the district solar garden lights style features, one is to achieve the desired lighting effect, to facilitate the residents at night out of the district; the second is to meet the style of the entire real estate, and the entire district style consistent with each other, can play a shine Ideal effect; three is to pay attention to its aesthetics, neither too monotonous, and not too dazzling, so that it does not make people have aesthetic fatigue. According to the overall style of the whole district, can be prepared for the two kinds of light: Chinese and European; As for the district solar garden lights cloth lights, the main road on the use of staggered cloth lights and symmetrical cloth lights, according to the layout of the district to choose the most The right way, so that both to meet the lighting effects, but also pay attention to beauty.

On the square solar garden lights, we all know that it belongs to the public part of the building, it reflects a unique style of the city's personality, so they need a better artistic effect, the first day to beautify the city, the whole Square solar garden lights to be able to integrate into the shape of the square, and the night will need to consider the art of lighting, the color of light need to bring out the beauty of the square, but also take into account the lighting effect can facilitate the public walk; The second focus on its ornamental, that is, the square solar garden lights its own shape is both beautiful, but also can beautify the bright environment, and finally with the above said, but also to become a city, regional culture Symbolic.

All in all, the different external environment with different solar garden lights, is able to produce different landscaping effect.

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