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Solar Garden Light System According To What Configuration

Solar garden light are one of the more common solar lights, solar garden light can not only be used in the city, you can also use remote mountainous areas and field lighting and other power shortage, less electric places.

Solar garden light system according to what configuration:

1. According to the requirements of the solar garden light to choose the right light source, solar garden light generally light effect is very good, but also very power.

2. Calculate the required amount of electricity based on the operating time. Pay attention to distinguish the difference between winter and summer.

3. Estimate battery capacity based on electricity usage and system self-sustaining time (ie, how many rainy days are considered).

Solar Garden Light Advantages:

1. Solar garden light semiconductor chip light, no filament, no glass bubble, not afraid of vibration, not broken, the service life of up to 50,000 hours (ordinary incandescent lamp life of only one thousand hours, the life of ordinary energy-saving lamps only eight thousand hour)

2. Solar garden light material does not contain ultraviolet and infrared, does not produce radiation (ordinary light contains ultraviolet and infrared)

3. Solar garden light 90% of the energy into visible light (80% of ordinary incandescent electric energy into heat, only 20% of electricity into light energy)

4. Solar garden light installed fast, the required voltage, current is small, less heat, do not produce security risks, can be used for dangerous places such as mines.

Solar garden light are more common, the new solar garden lamp life is relatively long, and the lamp inside the light source to use the longer the brightness will be higher. The type of battery battery pack is very much, unlike the original street lights only power only. Solar garden light are easy to install.

With the continuous development of solar lights, in the near future, all of China should use this new type of solar street light, not only to save energy, more importantly, to protect people's safety. The use of solar garden light is a lot of benefits, specifically or to yourself to experience!

For ordinary street lights, sometimes it is very dangerous. Because it is above the high-voltage line, do not know when it will leak, rainy days will be very afraid of even point, but the solar garden light safety factor is very high. In addition to this, the benefits of using the new solar garden light are very much. Solar garden light are an indispensable part of life, the longer the better life, which is a lot of people to buy before the first thing to consider.