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Solar Garden Light Technical Parameters

With the continuous development of solar lights, people pay more and more attention to the development of solar garden light, solar garden light not only for people to use lighting, but also for the city to build a lot of color. Solar garden light must be produced in strict accordance with the drawings and related solar energy technology parameters can be produced.

Solar Garden Light Technical parameters:

Solar Garden Light Main material: poles for the whole steel structure, the overall hot galvanized / spray treatment

Solar Garden Light Battery Module: Crystal Silicone 15-80WP (By Load Configuration)

Solar Garden Light System Operating Voltage: DC 12V-24V

Solar garden light controller: solar lamps dedicated controller, light control + time control

Solar garden light storage battery: fully enclosed maintenance-free lead-acid battery 15V20Ah-80Ah

Solar garden light source type: energy saving high power integrated LED, rare earth energy efficient lamp

Solar Garden Light Protection class: IP65

Solar garden light use temperature: -30 degrees to 70 degrees, wind resistance ≥ 150Km / h

Solar Garden Light Lighting Time: Adjust as needed

Solar garden light pole height: according to the need to produce

Rainy days to ensure: can work continuously for more than 15 rainy days (regional / seasonal differences) (can be produced as required)

Finally, after the completion of the installation of solar garden light, to check the brightness, check the lighting control is flexible, correct, such as problems immediately power and repair.