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Solar Garden Light To Promote The Benefits

Solar garden light and the benefits of solar lights: First, the solar garden light fully use the solar power supply, in addition to part of the electricity complementary solar street lights in the rainy days converted into electricity supply will produce a small part of the cost of electricity, the operating cost is almost zero.

Most of the solar garden light used in urban roads, residential, industrial parks, squares, tourist attractions, parks, rural roads, remote areas and other places of lighting lighting needs.

Sunshine during the day is very good, solar garden light through the sunlight, absorb solar energy and converted into electricity, solar modules during the day to the battery pack, the battery pack at night to provide power to the LED light source power supply, to achieve lighting. DC controller can ensure that the battery pack is not damaged due to overcharge or over discharge, with light control, time control, temperature compensation and lightning protection, reverse polarity protection and other functions.

Solar garden light installation is also the need for professional staff can operate normally, solar garden light are divided into five parts, solar panels (power generation devices), batteries (electrical equipment), led light source (lighting device), solar street light control (Controller device), light pole (support device).

Solar garden light mainly to solar power as a power supply, providing night road lighting, high light efficiency lighting design, light control plus time control, with high brightness, easy installation, stable and reliable, do not lay the cable, do not consume conventional energy, the use of Long life and other advantages, favored by the users like.

Solar garden light to install pre-work:

Refer to the solar garden light box list selection of the appropriate specifications of the jacket line (under normal circumstances, the sun battery module jacket selection of 2 × 2.5mm2, light source jacket line selection of 2 × 1.5mm2) and to determine the length of each jacket line The

The length of the jacket line is determined: the length of each jacket line is measured from the total assembly diagram of the solar garden lamp structure. The solar module sheathing line shall have a sufficient margin for its connection with the solar cell module, and the other end must be long and the bottom of the flange. The light source sheathed line has a sufficient margin at the end of its connection with the light source, and the other end must be long and the bottom of the flange.