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Solar Garden Light Used In The Battery

The growing development of modern society, solar energy is widely used, hot water, heating, cooking, power generation, more and more people to choose this green solar energy and low energy consumption of new energy.

Solar garden light is the use of this new energy, daytime charging work at night, in the daytime strong sunlight energy needs to store these energy, you need to configure the battery to ensure that the evening solar garden light work properly.

The current solar garden lamp battery applications are mostly the following:

1, lead-acid batteries: low prices, suitable for low-temperature high-rate discharge; sealed maintenance-free; but need to pay attention to prevent lead acid pollution, and too cumbersome, will be phased out

2, nickel-cadmium batteries: strong, cheap and economical and durable, low temperature performance; but need to pay attention to prevent cadmium metal pollution of the environment

3, nickel-metal hydride batteries: high-rate charge and discharge performance is good, no pollution, green batteries; small system used, it is worth promoting

4, lithium iron phosphate battery: high temperature performance, high capacity, charge and discharge efficiency, light weight, environmental pollution; but its price is too expensive, the charger is also selective

Solar garden light choose what kind of battery is appropriate?

In fact, it needs to be designed according to the configuration requirements of the product itself. The capacity of the battery should also match the solar module, the light source and the design lighting time. The battery capacity is too small to meet the needs. If the battery capacity is too large, the battery life is not enough. Also cause waste.

Solar garden light knowledge of large delivery

Solar garden light to use the installation of the need to pay attention to what the problem

1) solar garden light installation is very simple and quick, in accordance with the instructions on the simple operation, a few minutes can easily get

2) Be careful not to install the place where the solar panels will be blocked

3) When using the attention of the sun board clean, do not build too much dust or debris in the sun board surface

4) In addition, about 3 years when the working time is shortened, to replace the battery