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Solar Garden Light With Sunlight For Energy

Solar garden light with sunlight as energy, as a green new energy "inexhaustible", make full use of solar energy resources, to ease the conventional energy shortage situation has a positive meaning.

Solar garden light during the day and night use, without complicated and expensive pipeline laying, can be arbitrarily adjust the lighting layout, safe and energy-saving pollution-free, without manual operation stable and reliable, saving electricity maintenance.

That solar garden light is how to use solar energy to power it?

The system works simply

During the day, under the lighting conditions, the solar panels inside the battery panel to receive solar radiation energy and converted into power output, through the charge and discharge controller stored in the battery.

Night when the sun light gradually reduced, the battery automatically discharge the lamp, solar garden light automatically

light. Battery discharge 8 hours after the charge and discharge controller action, the battery discharge is over, the solar garden light automatically extinguished.

The main function of the charge and discharge controller is to protect the battery from the energy conversion from the energy stored.

Solar garden light knowledge of large delivery


1, no wiring, they can install, save the wire and wiring manual, low installation costs

2, flexible layout, easy to move, you can change their position

3, the use of low cost, more secure and reliable