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Solar Path Light And City Street Lights Safety Comparison

In the dark night, the emergence of street lights greatly increased people's sense of security. However, due to the hazards caused by the leakage of lights make pedestrians fear. A lot of places where the lights lead to the tragedy of casualties again to the sound of our alarm sound.

The voltage of the street lamp is 220V or more voltage, leakage phenomenon in the sunny day was not obvious, but to the rainy weather, precipitation on the steel pole, will exacerbate the internal leakage of the street lamp or conductive occurred, once the people touch There is a certain risk.

But the use of Solar Path Light is low-voltage battery-powered, 10-20 volts on the human body is relatively safe. Even if the leakage occurred, it will not lead to serious casualties.

And to use the zero line repeated grounding protection measures, so that short-circuit fault equipment as soon as possible from the power supply; to ensure that the equipment after the failure point still does not lose protection.To ensure personal safety, Solar Path Light leakage protection using zero line grounding protection.

I sent the company to send professional and technical personnel to install the guide, the whole lamp warranty for two years, the use of Solar Path Light products to ensure that the process of 24 hours to respond within 7 working days to resolve (domestic users). Completely eliminate the user's worries.