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Solar Street Lamp Life Which Factors Influence

1, light
General lamp low pressure sodium lamp, low pressure lamp, LED lights, solar street lights using LED light sources, LED lighting is the biggest feature is the long service life of up to 50,000 hours, assumed for 10 hours a day at least life in 10 LED lights more expensive than light, but it's reliable. In addition, brightness downlight, LED power more smaller, not only energy efficient, and can reduce the overall solar Street lamp configurations, so as to achieve the cost reduction effect.

2, controller
Solar controller role is to control the solar panel to the battery charging and solar powered lighting. A stable solar controller battery life plays an important role: not only can achieve the desired effects, and can protect the system as a whole. As the lamp environment to decide protection strength of the controller, for example, are not subject to external moisture or rain erosion will increase the life of the whole system.

3, battery
Battery performance directly affects the quality of street life, select battery select quality stable, so prices will be more expensive than common manufacturers of batteries, a good long battery time. Especially for the northern region, the winter cold, taking into account the environmental impact on the battery discharge, preferably using gel batteries not only guaranteed service life, in an environment of massive headwind can still achieve good effect of discharge to meet the lighting needs.