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Solar Street Light Have Entered Thousands Of Households

Solar street light have entered the tens of thousands of households, Yunnan solar street light can be so many people suffer, because it has the traditional street lights can not match the advantages.

The power of the real green pollution-free solar street light, including solar cells, batteries, controllers, solar energy solar energy hydropower, thermal power, nuclear cleanliness has unparalleled advantages, safety, and universality.

Solar street light has the following advantages:

Reduce noise pollution: solar street light moving parts less, no noise.

Equipment components modular: sensitive equipment convenient, user-friendly According to their needs and adjust the ability of solar street light intrusion.

Safe use: solar streetlights In harsh environments and climatic conditions, solar power systems are rare, and now most of the solar cell module production process is sufficient to ensure that no more than 10 years of performance degradation, solar cell components for 25 years or longer.

Safety: Do not use flammable fuels, solar street light through proper planning and equipment, the system has a high degree of security.

Independent power supply: off-grid solar street light with independent operational capacity and sensitivity.

With the improvement of people's living standards, the increase in environmental protection knowledge continues and human health, expanding the human, pollution-free, environmental protection and energy-saving lamps. China's current global solar street light and LED industry in China to carry out the status quo

LED lighting trend is a new generation of lighting products. On the one hand, long life, high light efficiency, low energy consumption characteristics, so that LED lighting has an unparalleled advantage of traditional lighting; LED industry, on the other hand, energy saving and environmental protection, and now the state to promote the construction of "green, low-carbon life" policy.

As a new industry, has formed a complete industrial chain global plan.

Motives, global problems, has been enough attention to the LED lighting market continues to grow the plan

2011, continue to seriously deal with power issues, LED lighting market agitation muster. In 2011, according to electronic research, the latest data show that high-brightness LED, the market plan from 8.25 billion US dollars in 2010 to 12.6 billion US dollars, the annual growth rate of up to 53%.