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Solar Warning Light Installation And Advantages

How is the solar warning light installed? In different applications, the installation of warning lights a little difference, but generally know the principle, you can correctly installed. Solar warning light installation method, the installation of car warning lights need to pay attention to, warning lights are positive and negative, the red line is positive, the black line is negative, positive connection 58 port, the negative screw, otherwise it will not flash. Open the T-75-A must pay attention to the operation, because the space is small, slowly connected, do not worry. Normal wiring method: one end of the screw, one end of the broken line 58 port, once again online cross-line wiring in order to normal flash.

In addition, you can also choose to install a switch, there is a need to try the next. Advantages of solar warning light: low cost, no charge, the use of solar energy directly into electricity, no maintenance. Long life, generally available 2-5 years. Widely used, generally used for tower crane parts, construction sites, transportation facilities, high-rise buildings, towers, buildings, radio and television towers, aviation, navigation and other fields. Solar warning light is a solar energy as a traffic signal, it is on the intersection of vehicles from the warning role to reduce the occurrence of traffic accidents; no external power supply, no wiring, easy to install, pollution-free.

During the day so that the battery side is facing the sun side, is conducive to the use of solar power and storage up to play a warning role in the night will be warning lights attached to the building, open the power switch, so as to play the role of night warning In the car above, you can put the rear window or adsorption in the rear, so help to absorb the sun, when the car fails, you can avoid rear-end. Avoid dark and humid places to extend battery life. Place the lights in places where there is enough sunlight to store energy. In the absence of time every 3 months to charge a charge to avoid damage to the battery; in the charge off the switch to extend the battery life. Avoid dropping the lamp from the height to protect the internal circuit from damage. If the lights dim, and timely charging, to ensure adequate charging time, to extend battery life.