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The Four Major Misunderstanding Of Solar Path Light

Solar Path Light due to the general promotion and by more people of all ages, but some consumers are not very clear on the Solar Path Light, often in the purchase of only blindly seeking high brightness, shape, low prices, ignoring the lighting products, the most important two points : Quality and cost-effective.

Misunderstanding 1: blind pursuit of the high brightness of solar lights

We all know that different occasions have different lighting standards, and blindly the pursuit of high brightness, both a waste, it may cause harm to people. Therefore, we must first confirm the lighting needs to choose to meet their own needs of Solar Path Light.

Misunderstanding 2: Solar Path Light nominal power and the use of power

Solar Path Light can be intelligent control, in different times according to the requirements of the power can be automatically adjusted, so the use of geographical and rated power is different.

Misunderstanding 3: the actual life and data are different nominal

General LED nominal life can reach 100,000 hours, but the Solar Path Light system is composed of solar panels, batteries, controllers, light poles, light sources and other components, including solar panels life is 25 years, the battery life of three to Five years, solar street lamp controller life is two to five years

Misunderstanding four: the price set products

Price reflects the combination of cost, quality and brand value. It is closely related with the configuration, ultra-low-cost solar street lamp products must not be guaranteed to use, but the ultra-high price of Solar Path Light system is bound to appear beyond the requirements of the configuration or virtual ingredients and waste of funds.

So, reasonable configuration is a very important part of the purchase of Solar Path Light, we need to be careful not to enter the four errors of thinking. My company has more than 10 years to do the experience of Solar Path Light, the installation of products throughout the country, its excellent quality and professional after-sales service has been appreciated by customers, customer satisfaction is the purpose of our services.