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The Solar Garden Light Keep The Sun At Home And Bring Light

Solar garden light Compared with the general street lamp device, Solar Garden Light device is so simple and quick. General street lamp device is the first to lay the cable, which requires the cable trench excavation, laying the dark tube, pipe threading, backfill lamp a lot of foundation works. Installation of the general street lights and long-term installation of the device, if there is a line of doubt, is a large area of rework red, the amount of work to be used is great, the same is very messy. That is related to the solar street light device, it is relatively simple, 6 meters above the solar street lights less than 9 meters, only need to do their own four or four cement base, and then use stainless steel screws to fix the solar street lights on it.

Solar garden light mainly rely on solar panels to generate electricity, through the solar controller to store electricity to the battery, without manual control, regardless of spring and summer autumn and winter can automatically according to the level of light and light, automatically open and close, all charge, discharge, open and closed completely Complete intelligent and automated control. Solar panels in the case of good light photoelectric conversion rate of 16%, the service life of up to 30 years; solar street light controller with light control + control, waterproof, cold integrated design, greatly reducing the failure rate; light source using Solar Garden Light for LED light source, high luminous efficiency, the actual service life of more than 50,000 hours; lamp body made of Q235 high quality steel, the appearance of galvanized spray, anti-corrosion treatment, no rust, anti-aging, smooth surface, wind more than 9 The

Garden lights for decorative products. Design style or simple fashion, or classical romance, or luxurious riches, or exquisite elegance. Simple and generous structure. Both to highlight the classical architectural culture characteristics, but also a wide range of fashion show style of the city. Whether it is modern or classical architectural environment has his right reason. Classical and not old-fashioned, heavy without lack of vitality, fashion and not floating, elegant and yet stable atmosphere, highly ornamental and use value.

Solar Garden Light Series Lighting is a decorative lighting and lighting products, which are commonly used in the decoration of the garden area, cultural and recreational square, pedestrian street, commercial street, residential area, carriageway and other places. Rod material and diverse, flexible use of light source, the structure of thousands of shapes and pieces, is landscaping, lighting, green and organic combination of light and shadow, light and the perfect crystallization of art.