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The Unique Charm Of The Solar Garden Light

Modern society, more and more people aware of the environmental protection, the goods are picky what an energy - saving, environmental protection, and government also strengthened efforts to promote energy - saving products, more and more solar garden light used in the community, parks, Campus, such as personnel with local, solar garden lighting planning is particularly important.

Parks, communities, campus equipment Elegant solar garden lighting equipment positioning planning, lighting, lighting planning height and the choice of lamps, these aspects are the main, the following will introduce the solar garden light in the attention of important planning, installation.

1, humid climate plan

When planning a solar garden lamp rich considering the weather factor, the days of the battery should have a surplus for the electrical lighting supply, according to the different parts of the equipment to choose the next day, usually planning every other day 3 to 5 days, which is connected to at least three days of rainy night normal lighting.

2, lighting time planning

Solar garden light for a long time to solve the capital, so we should be based on local equipment, the plan is not the same, usually only need to meet the lighting needs of the park, the campus is not a day after 11 pm clock, solar garden light lighting time planned in 6 Hours have been met, the plot is different, the staff, plan the time longer, usually planning lighting time 8-12 hours.

3, light type selection

Solar garden light equipment according to different places, planning the corresponding lamp type, the park should be planned into a bright color, the color is white or green road poles can be planned to the antique lamp type, modern, community and campus the best planning into a modern , Color painted black and white.

4, installation location planning

In the park, community, campus equipment can not choose equipment bearing solar garden light, he relies on solar lighting, in the choice of equipment positioning preferred equipment plenty of sunshine, no trees or large building blocks, lighting for a long time, so durable solar garden light.

Solar garden light with its unique charm to show in front of everyone. It is energy saving, noble and elegant, won everyone's universal praise. Solar garden light maintenance is a good extension of the solar garden lamp life, promote its lighting advantages. Today, we talk about solar garden light maintenance.

1, the role of light inside the cleaning, in some cases, we will clean the lamp. At this point, first make sure that the solar garden light are off and the light bulb is wiped again and it will be safe. If you want to wipe directly, please be careful not to clock the light bulb too tight, otherwise you will fall off tight.

2, solar garden light clean, because the solar garden light are often exposed to the outdoors, resume storms, so there will be more ordinary solar garden light dust, punctured with a damp cloth to wipe the dust, you can stick the road poles clean as new. In the cleaning time should pay attention to wipe in one direction, stick to the effort, gentle, gentle and fragile part.

Keep a good solar garden light, better keep night and environmental protection and save energy awareness.