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Weapon Manufacturers Led Lamp Life Testing Method

Despite LED lighting has has energy-saving, and environmental, and long life, and easy control, and from maintenance, features, but quite satire means of is, we often heard due to LED drive power itself of life directly drag LED lighting lamps became does not "longevity", great to increased has maintenance/using cost; or drive power of efficiency not high led to LED lighting lamps of energy efficiency conversion than is not imagine in the so high, or due to output current lines wave no get is good of control and effect has glow quality, Making green energy-saving advantages of LED lighting greatly reduced, even affected the market penetration.

Everything changes and disappearance of, although compared to most light-emitting device, LED life is relatively long, but also have a certain life span. Early LED flashlights, lamps of this type of gift, not a long time, life is not prominent.