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Why Should The Solar Path Light Design A Different Angle?

We are the most common in the park to see the Solar Path Light, because this street does not require 24 hours of monitoring, so in these public occasions will be more safe and appropriate, the most important thing is the solar energy has a high efficiency of the savings Ability, which in the present living environment is very much needed, compared to electricity generation, need to burn a lot of coal, this process will produce very high carbon dioxide, for the environment is also a great harm.

Solar street lamp manufacturers in the light design, there are two parts of the design is more important, the angle determines the price of Solar Path Light, as well as solar energy in different angles on the specific use, which for many people may think that these Solar Path Light and general solar The use of the same water heater, but this one, there is a real problem of lighting, in order to allow solar panels to accept more performance, the angle of the design should be very accurate.

So choose a suitable tilt angle, you can give the solar energy to collect more light. There is such a condition will increase the price of Solar Path Light up space for people to use life will have security help. In this street lamp use, solar panels and other components of the angle set to 160 degrees, this angle can prevent some environmental factors caused by the use of Solar Path Light can not be normal.

With the rapid economic growth, the Earth's resources have become increasingly scarce, China's energy supply and demand has become an urgent need to solve the problem. Scientists have found that solar energy is a "inexhaustible" safe and environmentally friendly new energy. Followed by the birth of the Solar Path Light become the current green products, one of the most popular products.

Solar street lamp manufacturers generally believe that compared with the traditional city lights, street lamp manufacturers Solar Path Light easy to install, unlike the city lights need a lot of manpower, material and financial resources. And Solar Path Light is a one-time investment, long-term benefit, because the line is simple, does not produce maintenance costs. The biggest advantage is that Solar Path Light can protect the rainy weather work for more than 15 days, solar street lamp manufacturers technical staff said that the working principle of Solar Path Light is simple, the use of photovoltaic effect of the principle of solar cells. Daytime solar panels receive solar radiation energy and converted into electrical energy output, through the charge and discharge controller stored in the battery, so that the night and rainy days work.